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Tell Us About Your Experiences

Fullfilling, energizing.

I could not have imagined how fulfilling my volunteer experience was; truly energizing.

New part of my life :-)

Volunteering to help others is now a new part of my life :-)

Incredible experience!

Wow! It took a little while for me to take that first step, but I am so glad I did - what an incredible experience.

Pulled on my heart strings

I now realize how blessed I am...those children just pulled on my heartstrings and I'm grateful that I can somehow touch the lives of such wonderful people. Volunteering definately fills a space in my heart.


This may sound selfish, but I had just as much, no maybe more fun than anyone else! Volunteering rocks!!

New friends

By being a volunteer, not only did I feel productive and appreciated, but I met some wonderful people and some new friends.

Cheer of success and seeing that look of gratitude

Learning all over again as you're teaching a child, then hearing the cheer of success and seeing that look of gratitude when a child finally "gets it" was an equally gratifying moment for me!

Took things for granted

I realized how much I took things for granted, when I saw the joy of a child kick a ball after attempting at least 15 times.

Heroes in our lives

We all need heroes in our lives. I thought I was going to be one, but I found one instead.

Most memorable

Of all of the things I did that day, that week, that month, the time I spent as a volunteer was the most memorable and those I cherished he most.


Everyone has struggles and down times, but we still survive. It's all relative and no matter what, laughter is still the best medicine. We all had some of that great healing power on that day.

Provide comfort

Kind words and a hug, even from a gentle stranger, provide comfort.

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check markAre you bored, do you have free time, or are you looking for a community service project? (What are you waiting for?)
check mark Want to do something meaningful for yourself and others, and at the same time have fun and meet new friends? (What inspires and motivates you to help others by becoming a community volunteer?)

Why Volunteer in San Diego County?

Embrace art and cultural diversity

[go to Art & Culture] Human beings embrace their difference through their culture. Celebrate the diversity within our community by encouraging and increasing the visibility of tradition, artistic expression, and innovation. Be an angel being. Volunteer for non-profits in San Diego County!

Educate and infuse wellness

[go to Educate, Wellness, or Recreation] Children, born innocent and helpless, are influenced by those they look up to and by their environment. Seniors are parents, grandparents, mentors, and heros, each playing an important role in our lives. Help the youth of our community learn how to live healthy, realize the importance of education, and focus on their inner beauty. Give back to the seniors of our community, never forgetting the important role they played and continue to play in our lives. Be an angel being. Volunteer for non-profits in San Diego County!

Prompt environment care

[go to Earth] Many children spend most of their time indoors, in front of the TV and playing computer games. Few children and adults spend time outdoors to connect with the natural beauty around them. We take the environment for granted, even neglect and destroy it. We assume the environment can fend for itself and recover from whatever we “throw” at it. Reconnecting with nature brings inner peace and tranquility. Help our youth also realize and rejoice in a positive human relationship with nature, its wonders, and beauty! Be an angel being. Volunteer for non-profits in San Diego County!

Eradicate global hunger and poverty

[go to Global] How can each of us help the multitudes of starving children, families living in sub-poverty levels? They are part of our global earth family. They did not choose to be born into the situation they are in. Just like we help our own family members, it is up to us to reach out to them, as part of our family in need. Let's not ignore or "step over" those that lay at our feet. Please join with those non-profits and collectively we can provide the assistance necessary to upgrade the global human condition. Be an angel being. Volunteer for non-profits in San Diego County!

Promote peace and security

[go to Peace] Crime happens as a survival mechanism, when no opportunities for legally earned success seem within reach. It typically occurs in desperation, and can manifest itself in youth when saddled with adult responsibility. Crime and its repercussions are not healthy for the individuals, families, or the community. An infusion of confidence, identification of opportunities, and a little direction can make a big difference in reducing reliance on crime. Assist those that are less fortunate and help instill peace and security. Be an angel being. Volunteer for non-profits in San Diego County!

Go to our Share page to find non-profit volunteer needs, fundraising events, wish lists, and more!

Volunteer or donate as much or as little as you wish.

If it's not the right time now, then when is it?

Make a positive difference and share some love, hope, and fun!

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the volunteer rate was 25.3 percent for the year ending in September 2014. Approximately 62.8 million people volunteered at least once between September 2013 and September 2014. (http://www.bls.gov/news.release/volun.nr0.htm)

In 2014, the main organizations for which the volunteer worked the most hours during the year was religious (33.3 percent of all volunteers), followed by educational or youth service related (25.1 percent) and social or community service organizations (14.4 percent).

How do volunteers find the time?

In a July 2008 article, the Rome Group indicated that volunteers trade off more than an hour a day of TV watching, on average, to engage in service. Adults who have never volunteered spend an average of 436 more hours per year watching TV than adults who volunteer. (http://www.theromegroup.com/Portals/0/Volunteers.pdf)

Did you know these statistics for California in 2014? (http://www.volunteeringinamerica.com)

Volunteer rate ranking for California: 41st among the 50 states and Washington D.C.

Average volunteer rate for California: 24.6 percent of residents volunteer

Volunteer hours ranking for California: 36th among the 50 states and Washington D.C.

Average volunteer hours per resident: 32.1 hours

Did you know these statistics for the San Diego Area for 2014?

Average volunteer rate for San Diego: 28.8 percent

Volunteer hours ranking for San Diego: 16th within the 51 large cities

Average volunteer hours per resident: 43.1 hours

Factors that Influence Volunteer Rates

* Greater Attachment to the Community Encourages Volunteering

* Long Commutes Can Curtail Opportunities to Volunteer

* Volunteering Rises with Education

* Volunteering is Less Common in High Poverty Areas

* Higher State Unemployment Related to Lower Volunteering

* Volunteer Rates Lower in Cities with High Foreclosures

* The Capacity of a Community's Associations Impacts Volunteer Rates

Other Volunteer Statistics

In a typical day, recent volunteers tend to be more socially connected and interact with others.

The benefits of volunteering go beyond the community where the work is being done, however; it also affects the person providing the service.

To summarize the conclusions of several studies: Good health is preserved by volunteering; it keeps healthy volunteers healthy.

Even giving an hour of your time or a $5 donation will

Our Mission

Inspire you to actively contribute to the health of your community and in turn for you to inspire others to do the same.

Make our mission yours. Give of yourself, fill that empty space, and share the secret of your fulfillment with others. Together we can make a difference!

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